The Dirty Little Secret

Any honest air conditioning technician will tell you the answer: IT’S DIRT!

  • Dirt that accumulates during the Arizona monsoon dust storm season!
  • Dirt left behind on poorly performed service calls and when parts are carelessly slapped in without cleaning away the build up around critical working components!
  • Dirt that accumulates from dust in the home that may be recirculated during the cleaning process as well as pet dander!
  • It is dirt and grit that grinds the life out of your air conditioning system years ahead of its time.

Now that you know the dirty little secret, you can do something about it. Our experts will take care of your equipment the way they care for their own home systems – and you’ll see the immediate results, getting up to ONE THIRD MORE COOLING POWER from your air conditioner (without putting an extra penny on your electric bill!).

What could be better than that? Just this: with our inexpensive home care service you can get up to ten years of EXTRA LIFE on your air conditioner! Call us now at (623) 932-1674 or schedule an online appointment.

Maintain Equipment

Do you want to know about our three service levels to tune-up your system? Consider the AirNow Maintenance program described below.

AIRNOW MAINTENANCE PROGRAM – Manufacturers of HVAC equipment recommend yearly maintenance on your system in order to maintain efficiency and increase longevity of your equipment.

Program Features

  • Our Warranty: All repairs come with an AirNow one (1) year part and (1) year labor warranty.
  • 3 Service Levels: Pick the service that is best for your home based upon age and condition of your system.

AIRNOW OFFERS THREE SERVICE OPTIONS based upon the age and condition of your comfort system.

They are:

  • “Basic Tune-Up” – Recommended for systems up to 5 years old.
    One advantage is to replace failing parts before your part warranty expires. Most systems have at least a 5 year part warranty. If you have a warranty repair needed, we only charge you for the labor and we warranty your part.
  • “Deluxe Tune-up” – Recommended for systems between 5 and 10 years old that have been regularly maintained.
    This service contains everything in our Basic Tune-up and much more. Compare the plan features in the chart below.
  • “Premium Rejuvenation” – OUR BEST VALUE recommended for systems more than 10 years old or that have not been regularly maintained.
    This rejuvenation includes everything in the Basic and Deluxe Tune-up and much more. Bring your unit to a factory fresh condition.

Compare Maintenance Service Levels

Not sure which of our service options is right for you?

It ultimately depends on the age of your system and how well it has been maintained over it's life. Our comparison chart should help you make the best choice!

Save Money with Our Premier Service Plan

Save time and money on maintenance and repairs to your cooling and heating system!

The "Silver Service Plan"combines priority response and discounts for a full year and includes one full tune-up!

HVAC Maintenance Questions & Answers

Have questions regarding the care of your HVAC system?

Check out our maintenance FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!

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