Maintenance Service

Want to know the “Dirty Little Secret”? It’s Dirt!

Dirt from Arizona dust storms & monsoons, or left behind by poorly performed work, & accumulated from the dust, dirt or pet dander recirculated when cleaning your home. It is this dirt and grit that grinds the life out of your cooling & heating system years ahead of its time. You will add longevity and increase efficiency with yearly maintenance. Yearly Maintenance is recommended by all Equipment Manufacturers!

Choose the service plan that best fits your situation and call us today!

Three Maintenance Options for You Basic

Choose the BEST Option for your Home based upon the Age & Condition of your System!

Added Value: Within 12 calendar months following your yearly service, should you need a service call we will waive your diagnostic fee with your authorization for any recommended repairs – a $49 value!

Comfort systems up to 5 years old

Comfort systems between 5 & 10 years old & regularly maintained

Comfort systems 10 years & older or less if not regularly maintained.


Safety & visual 15-point inspection of your Complete cooling & heating system
Report on system with recommendations
Identify replacement parts still under warranty
Install gauges & test refrigerant levels
Lubricate all motors & parts, as needed
Test starting & run capacitors
Test voltage & amperages to all motors & compressor
Wash outdoor condensing coil
Vacuum entire cabinet
Chemical clean & wash of outdoor condensing unit coil with high pressure air washing of all cabinetry
High pressure flush of condensate lines with nitrogen air (Highly Recommended – Prevent Water Damage to your home!) Add for only $54 (Reg. $134) Add for only $54 (Reg. $134)
Clean secondary drain pan
Monitor evaporator super heat
Clean gas furnace burners – if applicable (Recommended yearly with Gas Furnace) Add for only $39 (Reg. $54) Add for only $39 (Reg. $54)
Apply rust proofing to cabinet surfaces
April 15, 2023 to September 15, 2023
REGULAR PRICES / Sat. Appst Add $20
$79/$99 $119/$139 $199/$219
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